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1. Is it better to play as individuals or as teams?

The game may be played either as individuals or as teams of 2 or 3 players. Many find it most enjoyable to play as teams since you can align as Democrats versus Republicans, where the Democratic team tries to secure blue square policies and the Republican team tries to secure red square policies.

2. How long does it take to play one game?

On average, games last about 45 minutes. However, sometimes the teams end up in intense dialogue on their political views and this will extend the playing time.

3. Can I take a shortcut on the diagonal?

No. A player can only enter the diagonal by the Restructure role in UN and NATO square.

4. Can team members pool their political chits to secure a policy?

Only if they are both on that policy square. Otherwise they may not pool their political chits to secure a policy.

5. Can I clear a Deposit and secure that square in the same turn of play?

Usually no. A player can only clear the Deposit and then must come around again and land on that square to secure it. Once a Deposit is cleared the square becomes open to others. There is one exception. If a player has the Power Broker Twitter Card then that player is entitled to clear any Deposits and secure the square in the same turn.