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  • Introducing TRUMPOLICY: What kind of a society do you want? Enjoy a friendly board game while having stimulating conversation on the most relevant issues of the day. The game may be played with individual competitors or as two competing teams.

    Players or teams use political chits earned by moving around the board to try to secure a set of social policies with assigned values. The first player or team to secure the requisite value of policies wins the game. Players may also use their political chits to prevent others from securing certain policies.

    The team format is set up as Democratic versus Republican policies. As players move around the board they may draw Twitter cards which guide their movements and adjust their political chit levels. Dare to play this game with your family and friends and find out what they really think.


    • 1 gameboard
    • 2 dice
    • 26 Twitter Cards and box
    • 6 player pieces (6 colors)
    • 90 political chit tokens
    • 60 deposit markers (6 colors x 10 each)
    • 60 policy markers (6 colors x 10 each)
    • 1 rules booklet